The Cars

Our start-up plan has been to build a new car from the ground up each year and optimize it to compete the following year for a competition cycle of two years per vehicle. That means that we have brought two cars to the competition each year, one with competition experience and the other being completely new. This has allowed us rapid experimentation with new technologies, while at the same time improving on existing designs and really utilizing experienced gained through competition.

In the history of our program, we have retired two competition vehicles thus far: Scarlet Hawk and Red Rocket. Red Rocket is a series hybrid we brought to the inaugural competition in 2007 as only one of eight teams. In 2008, Scarlet Hawk celebrated its debut with a 3rd place finish and one of two teams to finish the endurance event. In 2010, Hammer Hawk won one of the most prestigious adwards - the 2010 1st Place GM Best Engineered Hybrid Systems Award.

Active Vehicle

Thunder Hawk

Component Description
Car number 18
Active Years 2011-Present
Drive Configuration Series hybird
Engine Honda GXH50;
Power: 1.6 kW (2.16 hp) @ 6500 RPM
Fuel Type Gasoline
Generator Brushed PM: PMW GPN16
Drive Motor 4x Brushed PM: Agni 119-R;
Power: Front: 4x 20kW (40.5 hp) @ 6000 RPM (120 kW/162 hp peak)
Accumulator SMC Lithium Polymer, 111V/48Ahr - Nominal
Weight 575 lbs (261 kg)

Retired Vehicles

Hammer Hawk

Component Description
Car number 31
Active Years 2009-2010
Drive Configuration Series hybird
Front Drive 2x Perm-motor PMG-132
Power 2x 17.5 hp (13 kW) @ 3500 RPM
Rear Drive Perm-motor PMS-152
Power 40 hp (30 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Engine TKM K4S, 200cc - Gasoline
17.5 hp (13 kW) @ 11,500 rpm
Generator Perm-motor PMG-132
Energy Storage System Batteries: SMC Lithium Polymer 74.0V-nominal, 36Ahr
Ultracapacitors: Maxwell 96.0V Peak, 82.5F
Vehicle Weight 750 lbs.

Scarlet Hawk

Component Description
Car number 6
Active Years 2008-2009
Drive Configuration Parallel hybird
Engine Yamaha YZ250F
250cc / 40HP @ 12,000 RPM
Motor D&D ES-15A-6 Permanent Magnet DC
77V / 10HP; 40HP Peak
Generator 10kW belt-driven generator
Accumulator 77V / 15.4Ah Li-poly battery pack

Red Rocket

Component Description
Car number 12
Active Years 2007-2008
Drive Configuration Series hybird
Engine Kawasaki Ninja
250cc / 28HP @ 12,500 RPM
Motor Azure Dynamics AC24
300V / 40HP @ 4,500 RPM
Generator AC PM 20kVA @ 6000 RPM
Accumulator 230 V / 15Ah Li-ion battery pack